What is a Slug Queen? Mija Andrade was interviewed by Karen Rainsong about the history of the competition, what she will do if she wins, who her slug persona is, how many slugs are in her backyard, and more! Spoiler alert: after winning and becoming Eugene’s “Raining” Slug Queen in 2017 – 2018, Mija is supporting local arts and culture through two non profits: Centro Latino Americano and OSLP Arts and Culture Program.

She is a vivacious Latina with a colorful, feisty and dynamic personality and her laugh is out-of-this-world. Listen to her plans to bribe the old queen, how she is connected to Oaxaca, and the origins of her name: Santa Frida Elisa Refugio Babosita. With a giant posse of friends and supporters on her “court” – including her daughter, the “Princess” – she redefines the role and breathes new life into this hilarious celebration of all things Eugene.

The Making of a Slug Queen

by Karen Rainsong | Fair Family Radio Podcast