Wander along Shady Lane at Oregon Country Fair, and drop in on live music inside the giant wicker dragon, and listen in to the band Humble George as they play some good old rag time and “sarcastic jazz”, and heckle your host, Karen Rainsong.


Shady Lane Wanderings and Humble George

Transcript by Jessica LaMotte

Karen:  We’re coming up on a big grass dragon. It’s along the edge of the Eight. People are inside it? What does it mean to have sticks? Crisscross sticks and there’s eyes and a nose and a mouth and cushions in there inside the dragon going in the belly.

What kind of an instrument is that?

Dylan: This is Appalachian dulcimer. Yeah. Thanks for stopping by.

Karen: Great music. Do you play in a band?

Dylan: Oh no. People are too flaky, so yeah, I just play my music and try to share my love and my light with the world.

Karen: It’s beautiful. What’s your name?

Dylan:  My name is Dylan.

Karen: Dylan, nice to meet you.

Dylan: Good to meet you too. Thanks.

Karen: I’m going to keep wandering on and see what else we see here. Shady lane, left the dragon. It was nice and cool and blue in there. There’s some beautiful puppets or power coming up to some, are those Flamingo puppets? Giant life. Huge, bigger than life. People can wear them. They’re costumes. This is where all the costumes are stored for the parade.

There’s some 10 foot tall costumes back here. Here’s a coyote, a green man, and some music being played!

George: Yeah. There I got some questions for you. So what brings you here today?

Karen: Fair Family Radio.

George: Oh, how cool. Yeah. And how long have you been doing that?

Karen: Not very long, apparently.

George: I’ll tell you what if you, if you catch on, you feel like it, you can sing along. Same goes for the rest of y’all. What’s your call?

Nice sweet song written by our very own George. And this one goes out to you.

Karen: Fun. Great, wonderful band here.


Karen:  Can you tell me your name and name your band again?

George: George, and we’re, we’re Humble George.

Karen: Thank you so much. Beautiful music.

George: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Karen: Will you tell me about this beautiful instrument you’ve been playing?

George:  I hate it. That’s a banjo. It’s a, yeah, five strings and, and just about the ugliest sound and you can get a get out of something.

Karen: I love it though. I love the banjo. It’s one of my favorites. How many years you’ve been playing here at country fair?

George: This might be my sixth year. Yeah.

Karen: Are you guys from around here?

George: Uh. Yeah. Localized, yeah. From all over the place. But, uh, but, uh, I guess we put down roots in Eugene. Only one of us is from Eugene.

Karen: Tell me about some of the other instruments you’ve got in the band and, and kinda how you came together a little bit.

George: So we got a, a standup bass. We got a five string cello and we got a amazing blues guitar picker. George on guitar, George on cello, Georgia on a, on bass and, and four part harmonies, you know, but,  yeah. You know, we, we’ve been together for a little over a year now, a couple of years.

You know, last year was our first year at a fair. All together and we killed it last year and, and thankfully they decided to have us back officially this year, which is an absolute pleasure.

Karen: Well, it was my pleasure to hear the music. Thank you so much. That’s great to stumble upon it. You never know what you’re gonna find next. Walking down the lane. There you go.

George: It’s all good fun.

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