Ventures from the Edge – Charlie Horse


Ventures from the Edge is a progressive rock show, featuring the likes of King Crimson, Ozric Tentacles, and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Other genres included are jazz fusion, electronic, classical, world, and experimental, amongst others.

Hosted by Charlie Horse, the shows include selections from his own creation, revolutionNOW!, in which he composes, performs, and engineers his own music and it is PHENOMENAL.

revolutionNOW! -one male suspect, ruled by the spirit of organized improvisation and vocal-tronic-beat.

Residing in beautiful Ashland, Oregon, there is a band of unique proportions.

The band, revolutionNOW!, consists of only one member- c3, who is armed with an array of instruments- specifically an electronic drum pad, analog synthesizer, theremin, and a voice that makes one “homesick for a place you’ve never known”, as it was described by a fellow comrade. He sometimes utilizes a voice-activated bass sound he refers to as the VASS. “I can still produce really fantastic bass sounds using my Moog Minitaur (synthesizer), but I’m a vocalist first and foremost,” he explains.
He also uses a loop station, enabling him to have multiple instruments playing at the same time, producing the effect of a multi-membered band.

And his musical influences are as eclectic as his instrumental arsenal: Peter Gabriel, Mickey Hart, Yes, Bobby McFerrin,
Rage Against The Machine, Michael Hedges, Sleepytime Gorillla Museum, amongst others.

“If I had to be musically categorized, I’d call it ‘vocal-tronic-beat’ or progressive world rock. Otherwise, how about revolutionary- a new genre”, he laughs.

His main musical accomplishment was being able to support himself playing guitar and singing classic rock, both in a band and as a solo performer back in Ohio.

“It seems to me that many people in the world are going through a paradigm shift in their lives, and for different reasons. I’m hoping my music will play a positive role in that shift. All I really want is to make a living writing, recording, and performing original music. I feel like I have a very unique sound to offer. The time for my own revolution is now,” he declares.

It’s time for c3. It’s time for revolutionNOW!

“Ventures from the Edge” is aired nightly on FairFamilyRadio from 10:30 to 11:30pm.

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