What is the Magical WISH Wagon? Join us on a virtual tour of this beautiful, creative and fantastical wagon that Penelope Pendragon has created at Oregon Country Fair. Her purpose is peace and compassion, and helping you fulfill your innermost desires and wishes. Listen to her spoken word poetry as she connects delighted fair-goers with the Faeries and teaches us how to make our wishes come true!


Penelope Pendragon and the WISH Wagon

Transcription by Jade Rainsong

(Karen:) What is this? It looks like a wagon and there’s like purple steps leading up to it.

(Emma:) I want to go on it. Welcome to the whimsical wish wagon.

(Karen:) ‘Star of the goblins’ it says in a sparkly purple and blue sign. Feed the fairies. Purple flags are flying. There’s beautiful flowers and painted flowers all over it, and there’s a line of kids and parents waiting to get in. I wonder what’s happening in here, so I know you want to go in Emma.

(Emma:) I do. Do you want to go in?

(Karen:) I definitely do. It’s so mysterious. It almost looks like a fairy palace with all the wrought iron. It’s very elaborate. Yeah. So maybe we can peek our heads in and see what’s happening in there.

(Penelope:) I’m Penelope Pendragon, and this is my whimsical wish wagon. And inside it will show you how your very best wishes come true. And it’s not just for kids, it’s for adults too. So the best place to start is with a wish from your truest heart and the first leaf to your left that says your wish should be present tense. Then you read all the leaves and it’ll make sense.

(Karen:) So how long have you been doing this here?

(Penelope:) I had, this is my first year at the Oregon Country Fair. I have been told that I needed to be at the Oregon Country Fair for two years at fairs in Southern Nevada and Southern California, and it was actually the thing that prompted my journey up to Oregon for the summer months last year. Although I didn’t even apply, I just came up here to see what it was like. Didn’t come to the fair. This year I applied and they accepted me and it was, but of course they accepted me because I’m the wishing fairy. I made a wish and my 50th birthday was yesterday, so I made a birthday wish and it’s going to be a full moon. So of course everything, all of the things lined up.

(Karen:) We’re glad you’re here. So you’re placed in the Zavanado, the new area.

(Penelope:) Yes. This is the new area for what I understand.

(Karen:) I love that it’s big and wide open. And what do you like about the energy here?

(Penelope:) Oh, it’s, this is the most amazing place. Normally I’m…. I’m the most amazing thing in a fair, that is so not the case here. And I haven’t even seen anything but Xavanado, because I’ve been setting up and getting things done. Tonight, tonight, my friend, I will be taking the “Eight”, I’m going to see if I can get all the way around the eight…

(Karen:) Oh, taking it by storm…

Penelope: sSee everything first tonight, and then I’ll go back and see the things I want to see deeper. And yes. And the energy is amazing here. Everyone is just so in tune with who they are and willing to wear whatever they want to wear and not feel judged about it and the creativity. Wow. Wow. As a creative person myself, I am in awe.

(Karen:) So, um, how did this come to be and, and what did you originally think of it just for kids or is it, is it a free thing or what?

(Penelope:) It is free thing.  I believe that it needs to be free because this is information that everyone needs to make this world a better place. And it, it actually was a gift to me. The information that’s in there as far as I’m concerned, it was the universe going, well, it’s about time you’re listening, now write this down. Because the wish wagon wasn’t really the wish wagon. It was just a structure, and I had my life kind of imploded itself selectively, which put me in the perfect position to do this. And then I was threatened with having to lose it and my rule was use it or you lose it. And so I had to either use it or I’d lose it. And so I sat with it one day and all of a sudden everything just started flooding out. And it’s been four years on the in the making of more and more and more every year. And, uh, but this is my second year in Oregon. I love it. I will continue to summer in Oregon and in Washington of course. And then I will winter in the Southern Western states.

(Karen:) That sounds wonderful. Follow the sun a little bit, huh?

(Penelope:) Absolutely. Follow that weather. Okay. So fairies, in my opinion, fairies and goblins are the same thing. It’s what you’re feeding them is how they grow. And then my friends, before, you know, you have either fairies or goblins beginning to show which way each day is going to go. So I urge you today, please feed your fey in the very, very fairy best way. And that’s the basis of it. But then wish became an acronym. W I S H standing for “what is stated happens.” Okay. Yeah. In other words, when you state something as if it is true, it becomes a wish. And it can come to you, but that includes things like, I’m having a bad day. Well, more bad days is going to come your way. That’s the wish. You just stated it as if it were true and now even more bad day.

(Karen:) It’s attracting that energy to you. Your words,

(Penelope:) ..law of attraction meets the fairy realm.

(Karen:) I like this take on it. Well, the line is never ceasing here to get into this. Beautiful wish wagons. Emma is asking me to get in line. We’re going to go do that.

(Penelope:) One more thing about this wish wagon. It is 93.3% reclaimed materials.

(Karen:) Wow. That’s a very specific number. How do you know that specific number?

(Penelope:) Oh, I owe Dr. Seuss. Actually, it’s a Dr. Seuss reference. However, basically everything in there is reclaimed materials with the exception of the electrical, and that’s just because you can’t get a solar panel at a thrift store.

(Karen:) Right. But one day maybe.

(Penelope:) Oh, absolutely. Well once the technology goes to the next level. Absolutely.

(Karen:) Exactly. That’ll be, that’ll be a wonderful thing.

(Penelope:) But I needed them now.

(Karen:) This is just gorgeous. You’ve done a fabulous job. It’s very magical. And the testament is the line stretching out into the meadow to get into this beautiful, beautiful thing.

(Penelope:) Yes. In fact, last night, I have a wishing basket in there where you will send your wish off to the imagine peace tower in Iceland. Yoko Ono’s dedication to John Lennon and I send them all out there once I collect them all up and that wish basket was full last night before I even started today. It was full. I’ve already cleaned it out once and I’m going to need to go in there and clean it out again. Normally, it’s maybe half full with a three day fair.

(Karen:) Wow. And tell me again, now this, this is going where? To a tower in Iceland, did you say?

(Penelope:) Yes. The, it’s called the Imagine Peace Tower, and it’s an Iceland. Imagine peace tower. It’s beautiful. It’s a light that shoots up into the sky several times a year from John Lennon’s birthday to his death date on Yoko Ono’s birthday, And then during the holiday season.

(Karen:) Does anybody, is anyone, can they send things there or can mail things off?

(Penelope:) They collect wishes from all around the world. They have wishing trees all around the world. Okay. It looks like it’s almost your time to go inside.

(Karen:) All right, so we’re mounting the stairs here, beautifully painted purple and blue. There’s all kinds of, there’s a little entryway. It reminds me of a carnival. See all kinds of silk flowers and twined around garden gates and arches.

(Emma:) And she said all of this is recycled or reused. So if you see the flowers, you can see they used to be bottles.

(Karen:) Oh my gosh. They were plastic water bottles cut into strips and painted like flowers. And I, you know, I might’ve missed that if I, if she hadn’t said that, and I looked more closely.

(Emma:) There’s displays with glass. There’s little notes, and I’m assuming this is how it gives you directions.

(Karen:) So they’re like glass display cases. Like you would see jewelry and you can look down into them.

(Emma:) It says, welcome to the Whimsical wish wagon… on the following wall panels are some absolutely accurate acronyms that you may find will shift your mind into a much better place and put a smile on your face.

(Karen:) Oh, so there are leaves, there are paper leaves with type on them painted green, and they said to read these as you go through the cases, talking about resting, taking a deep breath, clearing your mind. It’s like a fairy healing case. So this reminds me of, um, a food truck kind of wagon. There’s drawers built into the sides, like wooden, old fashioned drawers, like an apothecary, like a traveling apothecary shop.

(Emma:) We’re on some sort of a trailer. And she repurposed old dressers and drawers to make her display.

(Karen:) So the first acronym leaf said, present. So she talked about asking your wish in the present tense. The next leaf says, your wish should be positive.

(Emma:) Use only positive words when you state your wish, please don’t ever use the words. Don’t, can’t, won’t not, or never. Negative words only deflate the wish you are wishing to create.

(Karen:) So in the second set of glass cases here, we’re moving along, we’re shuffling through, and what do we see in here? There’s all kinds of beads and baubles. So she named all these leaf lizard lane is what this one’s called. So it looks like recycled plastic jugs that you would find drinks in and things like, there’s a minute maid juice jar that’s been created into a fairy house, old jewelry, belt buckles, and all kinds of Christmas lights and things. It’s lovely. It’s a really lovely, but what are you reading now?

(Emma:) I’m reading about the fairies and goblins and a family called Fey and the Fey help your wishes come your way.

(Karen:) So the next one is when is love, and that’s an acronym,

 (Emma:) …Living On Vibrational Energy. It says, if you think about it, I’m sure you’ll agree that the feeling of love is a lifting of vibrational energy because we are all love. You see, we are living on vibrational energy. It’s beautiful.

(Karen:) Well, this one, this next section has a magic mirror.

(Emma:) Look into the mirror right into your eyes. Tell yourself three things and only truth, no lies that you love about you.

(Karen:) Oh, nice. Nice like self-love. So in this, this case and the love case, I’m seeing a bunch of those… These are those plastic containers. When you put a quarter in at the drug store and you turn the handle, and then it…. Vending, little vending thing and out pops a little prize ring or something, a little like ring or something in one of these clastic little holders. It’s round with a lid and so they’re all, they all look like eyeballs. They’ve all been painted and…

(Emma:) …now we’re at the wishing station. And this says your wish should be personal. That means just for you, because if the other person is not wishing it to your wish, absolutely cannot come true. Would you want anyone to wish for you to do something you do not wish to do?

(Karen:) That’s a really good point. Yeah. So there’s another banner here about three steps to achieve world peace.

(Emma:) So step 1, make your life fun. Step 2, communicate with compassion so that compassion can be returned to you in step 3, try it and see.

(Karen:) That’s really wonderful. There’s a whole bunch more about that. So Emma’s grabbing one of these pieces of natural paper. This is a good exercise to really get you thinking about what you wish for that’s positive.

(Emma:) Don’t look at my wish.

(Karen:) I won’t look, don’t worry, Emma is writing her wish very carefully and thoughtfully. She’s spending some time on it. So this last leaf here is for “precise”. It would be nice if your wish was precise when your wishe is well-defined, at least in your heart, if not in your mind, it will certainly help the fairies to find your wish exactly as you designed. That’s really good.

(Emma:) I love that she has everything rhyme.


(Karen:) It’s rhyming. It’s great. So there’s a birdcage in this one and glass globes. It’s beautiful. Now. The wishing portal is truly amazing. That is pretty cool. That is like the best thing in here. I think. It’s kind of steam punk with all the gears and industrial and sparkles and glitter all over it.

(Emma:) So the wishing portal works, it says you can start your wish with, I wish, and it could come true, but the best way to get your wishes to come to you is to keep your attitude positive. Believe your wish can come true and start your wish with either ‘I am’, ‘It is’, or ‘I have’.

(Karen:) And so this is kind of a round opening, like a tube or a tunnel that says wishing portal with some beautiful, sparkly paint all around it. And inside is one of those balls that has the colorful lightning that you touch it and the lightning kind of sticks to your fingers on the glass. I don’t know what you call it, thing you’d find that science museum, right? It’s beautiful. It’s kind of like purple and orange, like the colors in here. So are you whisper your wish in there? Is that what you end up wishing for it? Oh yeah. She touched it. Emma reached inside and touch the electrical energy ball and thought about her wish. How do you feel right now?

(Emma:) Um. Wishful, I don’t know. Well, this is pretty cool.

(Karen:) All right. And there’s even stairs to get up to the wishing portal for the wee ones for the we Fey. Well, this is a beautiful space.

(Penelope:) My name is Penelope Pendragon, and I’m the wishing fairy and I have a wish. My wish is for world peace. And I know it is a very lofty wish, but like Miss America, I have a plan. I have three easy steps that are going to get us to world peace. Step one, make your life fun because when you find fun in whatever you do, that piece that you seek, it’ll find you too. Step 2 communicate with compassion, and then compassion can be returned to you. Not saying it always will. I’m saying peace can’t happen until compassion is given. That’s when it can be received. Only then is when peace will be achieved. And step 3, try it and see. People know when you’re sad and they know when you’re mad. Watch the reaction when you show them. And I mean, show them you’re glad. And the compassionate words that you chose to say that may have completely turned around that person’s day. Your actions make a difference. They absolutely do. And if you have any further questions, please see step one and step two.

(Karen:) Beautiful. Thank you all so much.


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