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FairFamilyRadio and KOCF

KOCF is the Oregon Country Fair’s radio broadcast station in the Fern Ridge/Veneta, Oregon area. The KOCF website can be found at http://www.kocf.org/ and donations can be made to them there. FairFamilyRadio is an independent web-based stream accessible world-wide and this is the website you are currently visiting. FairFamilyRadio sprung out of the KOCF project as a way to reach beyond the KOCF broadcast area in Venete/Fern Ridge and the two entities, while close, are managed, funded, and run separately.

To Donate to KOCF, Fern Ridge Radio

This is how you make a donation to the LPFM, Fern Ridge radio station based in Veneta, Oregon and owned by the Oregon Country Fair:

The KOCF website donation page

Snail Mail:

Please make your check out to: Oregon Country Fair – KOCF Radio

And send to:
KOCF Radio
P.O. Box 923
Veneta, OR  97487

You may also make a donation online via PayPal by visiting the KOCF website .

To Donate to FairFamilyRadio, please visit our Donate Page.


KOCF History:

In the summer of 2012, it was brought to the attention of the Elders Committee by OCF member Jim Goettler, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was going to take applications for Low Power FM station franchises for the last time, nationally.

Jim Goettler enlisted the support of Fair member Michael William Miller ( Tameweb.com in Ashland, Oregon, and who works with sound and video as a profession), and Michael JamesLong, ( OCF Elder and previous External OCF Security Co-coordinator), and together the idea grew.

At the August 2012 Elders Committee Meeting, there was discussion that Elders should be involved into researching the feasibility of the OCF obtaining a Low Power (100watt) FM franchise from the FCC. Such an outcome, if possible, would enable the Oregon Country Fair closer community ties, encourage the aspiration of youths participating in OCF programs, provide a platform for more communication between members and diversified groups of the Fair, and facilitate intergenerational aspirations of the Fair. It was consensed at that Elders Committee Meeting that a Task Force be authorized to look into an LPFM Feasibility Study. The initial members of this task force included: Alan Cohn, Jim Goettler, Marcus Hinz, Paxton Hoag, Robert Jacobs, Michael JamesLong, Jennifer James-Long, Michael Miller, and Licia Schultz.

That Fall and Winter of 2012 and 2013, Jim, Mike Miller and Mike JamesLong networked with other Fair Family members who expressed an interest in facilitating the OCF obtaining an FCC franchise to operate a Low Power FM radio station. Michael Wm Miller introduced Dave Aikins, a licensed engineer from Jacksonville, OR, to Mike and Jim who by now had become co-chairs of the LPFM Task-Force.

Mike Wm Miller proceeded to network with Dave Aikins about the proposed project, and was instrumental in obtaining a reduced fee for the professional services of Dave concerning the technical requirements to complete the FCC application.

At its May, 2013 meeting, the Board of Directors of the Oregon Country Fair on a motion put forth by Deane Morrow and seconded by Paxton Hoag, formally endorsed the preparation of the necessary paperwork to the FCC to apply for a Low Power FM frequency franchise.

In June of 2013, Michael JamesLong, who is also CEO of James Gang Publishing, Ltd. (JGP) was granted approval by the LPFM Task Force in approaching the legal firm of Luvaas, Cobb, seeking legal consultation concerning application to the FCC for a low power FM station. JGP, Ltd., retained the services of Dominic Monahan, one of only a few attorneys in Oregon who specialize in FCC matters. The Elders Committee was informed this was being done as a donation by JGP, Ltd.

At the October 8, 2013 BOD meeting, the Board of Directors of the Oregon Country Fair entertained a motion put forward by Board member Deane Morrow, to vote to proceed with submission of the FCC form 318 application. The motion failed by one Vote. At the time, it was expected that the radio project had failed because the deadline for the application would pass without the ability to reintroduce the project to the OCF BOD for another vote.

However, at the OCF annual general meeting on October 19, 2013, Heather Kent, OCF member, announced that because of Budget dialog/debate at the national level of government, many governmental departments were put on hold (or shut-down). One such department was the FCC which had now extended the filing date for LPFM applications. Because the deadline had been extended until after the OCF had held their current year election for Board members, Heather formally requested (to audible cheers from the membership present) that the question/motion to proceed with submission of the LPFM application (FCC Form 318) be put on the agenda for the OCF November 4, 2013, BOD meeting.

OCF President, Jack Makarchek, at the annual Oregon Country Fair meeting, publicly announced that the question would be on the November BOD agenda and it would be moved to OLD Business, for immediate action.

On November 4, 2013, the Oregon Country Fair Board of Directors on a motion put forward by Board member Paxton Hoag, voted 7 to 3 to proceed with submission of FCC Form 318, application for a Low Power FM franchise to operate. The 7 affirmative votes were cast by: John Burgess, Paxton Hoag, Jack Makarchek, Kirk Shultz, Jon Silvermoon, Lawrence Taylor, and Sue Theolass. Diane Albino and Casey Marks-Fife were alternates and were not allowed a vote.

December 2013, the FCC formally accepted the application by the Oregon Country Fair for review.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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