BONUS Podcast Series- Juneteenth

Listen in as we interview participants, artists, and supporters at this lively celebration of Black culture and freedom!

Juneteenth Event Part 1: Mija Andrade and the Arts

Mija Andrade talks about art as revolution, speaking powerfully through art, and community-building at the Juneteenth event on June 20th, 2020. She organized the art booth, all works by artists of color, at the event. She is interviewed by Jorah LaFleur and Ricardo Llamas.

Juneteenth Event Part 2: Michael Moloi, artist

Michael Moloi, an artist from Africa, shares with us about his art, his deep connection to nature in his home country, and some of the hardships going on in Africa. Michael performed gumboot dance onstage at the Juneteenth event in Alton Baker Park in Eugene Oregon on June 20th, 2020. Jorah LaFleur and Ricardo Llamas interview him at the event that was attended by hundreds of supporters.

Juneteenth Event Part 3: Interviews with Community Participants

Ricardo Llamas interviews participants at the Juneteeth event on June 20, 200 at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, Oregon. Hear Devine Hawley talk about discovering this event for the first time as a black woman, and Jill Torres, community activist, talk about the whitewashing of history and a “rage practice”. Thank you Rich, for jumping in to do these interviews with minimal training and short notice, and for your excellent pictures of the event!

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