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Do you have a great story you’d like to share with the world? Talk to us about your ideas and projects. We showcase creative, inspiring content from people all over the world who are connected to the Oregon Country Fair (OCF). Whether you are a performer, dancer, musician, craftsperson, artist, entertainer, or part of a crew or participant, if you are part of making the OCF magic happen then you are fair family! Tell a story about an inspiring creative project or interview someone making creative contributions to the community.

Use our contact form to get started. Tell us about your project and whether it’s audio or video. After you introduce yourself we will send you a form requesting more info and we will go from there.  We look forward to seeing your contributions. Together, we can spread the fair magic around the world!


Guidelines for submission

  • Your audio or video submission must be relevant to your community, or the Oregon Country Fair, in line with our mission and be family-friendly (no vulgarities please). See content already posted on this website to get an idea what we accept.
  • You must have completed model releases for anyone featured in your interviews or podcasts.
  • Media content must be original (not copyrighted by someone else.)
  • Your piece must be in it’s final edited format and no longer than 55 minutes.
  • Formats accepted for audio: MP3 or WAV
    Formats for video: MP4 or WMV
    Format for pictures: JPG files no larger than 1MB each.
  • You can have a one-time submission or regularly scheduled episodes (series.)
  • We do not charge a fee for submissions and we ask you not to submit work that is primarily soliciting funds or contributions.


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Corona the Hat Maker

Corona the hat maker tells us a funny story about how she got started making hats, and serenades us with a homemade song- at Oregon Country Fair.

Shady Lane Wanderings and Humble George at OCF

Wander along Shady Lane at Oregon Country Fair, and drop in on live music inside the giant wicker dragon, and listen in to the band Humble George as they play some good old rag time and "sarcastic jazz", and heckle your host, Karen Rainsong.Shady Lane Wanderings and...

Organic Matters at Energy Park

Explore the Organic Matters booth in Energy Park at the Oregon Country Fair. We'll learn about what transitional organic means, how farmers can make a difference, and the socio-economics of organic farming.Organic Matters at Energy Park Transcription by Jessica...

A Wedding at OCF

The happy couple tells us about how they made the decision to tie the know at Oregon Country Fair! A wedding is wonderful...

Energy Park Solar

Learn about the Oregon Energy Industries Association and the Solar Showers at the Oregon Country Fair! Amy Berg-Pickett talks to us about supporting solar energy statewide in a dynamic environment. Also hear from the Solar Showers crew- how to get clean on a dusty...

Still Living Room at OCF

Get a glimpse into the Still Living Room at Oregon Country Fair and see how elders are honored in this space!

Andy Lifschuts – Honoring Grandma Barbara

Honoring Barbara Lifschuts, a treasured member of the Fair Family, who passed away. Her grandson Andy shares memories and her fiber arts works in the booth, as well as selling his own jewelry. Andy remembers her fondly and her contributions to the fair for over 30...

Organic Orange Juice Booth at OCF

Hear Jessie Pattison talk about what makes the fresh organic orange juice at his booth so special, and what Oregon Country Fair magic is all about! 

Cindy and the Fantasy Horns Booth at OCF

Cindy explains all about the finer aspects of fantasy horns and talks about some of the hilarious characters that have bought them over the years. We won't spoil it for you, but it makes for some funny stories.  Cindy at Fantasy Horns Transcription by Jade Rainsong...

Lost Valley Educational Center at Energy Park

What is Lost Valley Educational Center? We'll talk to Collin at his Oregon Country Fair booth and find out the many definitions of permaculture and how it relates to the land, people, and activities at this educational center in Dexter, Oregon. Lost Valley Educational...

Andrea & Papa- African Drummers and Dancers at OCF

Andrea & Papa tell us about the West African Cultural Arts Institute and the classes and performances they do! Papa, who is 13, talks about how he loves to play music. See them performing at the Oregon Country Fair. Fun for everyone, at any level of...

Alkahest Leather at OCF

Take a peek inside the Alkahest Leather booth at the Oregon Country Fair and find out how duct tape and inspiration contributes to these beautiful and unique Sylvan style products. We'll talk to Dustin and Tiera, the co-creators of these fancy shoes, boots, and...

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