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Do you have a great story you’d like to share with the world? Talk to us about your ideas and projects. We showcase creative, inspiring content from people all over the world who are connected to the Oregon Country Fair (OCF). Whether you are a performer, dancer, musician, craftsperson, artist, entertainer, or part of a crew or participant, if you are part of making the OCF magic happen then you are fair family! Tell a story about an inspiring creative project or interview someone making creative contributions to the community.

Use our contact form to get started. Tell us about your project and whether it’s audio or video. After you introduce yourself we will send you a form requesting more info and we will go from there.  We look forward to seeing your contributions. Together, we can spread the fair magic around the world!


Guidelines for submission

  • Your audio or video submission must be relevant to your community, or the Oregon Country Fair, in line with our mission and be family-friendly (no vulgarities please). See content already posted on this website to get an idea what we accept.
  • You must have completed model releases for anyone featured in your interviews or podcasts.
  • Media content must be original (not copyrighted by someone else.)
  • Your piece must be in it’s final edited format and no longer than 55 minutes.
  • Formats accepted for audio: MP3 or WAV
    Formats for video: MP4 or WMV
    Format for pictures: JPG files no larger than 1MB each.
  • You can have a one-time submission or regularly scheduled episodes (series.)
  • We do not charge a fee for submissions and we ask you not to submit work that is primarily soliciting funds or contributions.


Browse our colorful content!

Andrea & Papa- African Drummers and Dancers at OCF

Andrea & Papa tell us about the West African Cultural Arts Institute and the classes and performances they do! Papa, who is 13, talks about how he loves to play music. See them performing at the Oregon Country Fair. Fun for everyone, at any level of...

Alkahest Leather at OCF

Take a peek inside the Alkahest Leather booth at the Oregon Country Fair and find out how duct tape and inspiration contributes to these beautiful and unique Sylvan style products. We'll talk to Dustin and Tiera, the co-creators of these fancy shoes, boots, and...

A Unicorn on Security!

Meg and her unicorn on security detail at Oregon Country Fair!

Kids Eye View of the Dragon Parade!

In the video above, our little friend Josie puts on the GoPro and walks along with Peachi the Dragon Parade at OCF. The parade has long been a favorite part of the fair, with lots of people volunteering to make it happen. Fun, fun!

BRING Recycling at Energy Park

Learn about BRING Recycling at their Oregon Country Fair booth, including the inspiration for some of their recycled sculptures and how people can get involved with their programs. Clifford relates how BRING serves the community and a little bit about it's past,...

In Stoves at Energy Park

Hear Adam Clayton describe how their sustainable stoves help the community and the environment. Their mission is to relieve suffering, improve health, and reduce harm to the environment through renewable energy technology and education. Just another great demo booth...

Parenting at OCF

What’s it like being a parent at Oregon Country Fair? Michelle explains her way of looking at it and why she keeps bringing the kids along each year. It’s just part of a beautiful life….

Plant Display: Cheshire Mayerson

Hear about edible, medicinal and poisonous plants displayed at the Oregon Country Fair! Cheshire talks about how the booth can help empower people to know and enjoy plants. Hear an interesting fact about the Constitution of the United States and the ink it was...

Jello Art Show in Eugene 2018

Eugene, Oregon is home to a unique art form: Jello. This long-standing tradition is a single day of wiggly, bright, and funny art that takes place each year at the Maude Kerns Art Center. Hear from the Slug Queen of Eugene, the artists, and the crowd as they discuss...

Fancy Shop of Important Things at OCF

Bridget talks to us about all the many styles of unique hats she creates and sells in her booth at Oregon Country Fair. Find out the quirky way that she and her partner got started as mad hatters! Fancy Shop of Important Things Transcription by Jade...

Bubble Artist Tom Noddy

Watch the bubble artist Tom Noddy at play, at Oregon Country Fair! Learn about how he got famous on the Johnny Carson show and how the bubbling took off from there!

Hope in Action Conference, Eugene

4th graders in Eugene learn first hand about sustainability and ecosystems in this day-long conference by Partners for Sustainable Schools.

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