What is Fair Family Radio (FFR)?
FairFamilyRadio.com is an informational reference and entertainment website to empower its participants by showcasing their creative works. Fair Family Radio is an ABN (assumed business name) of Our Community Free Radio, a 501(c)(3).
What is the relationship between Fair Family Radio and KOCF?
KOCF is a low power FM radio station which has a broadcast franchise granted from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and owned and operated by the Oregon Country Fair (OCF), a 501(c)(3) membership organization. The Board Members of Fair Family Radio are longtime staff volunteers of the OCF and were instrumental in obtaining the FCC franchise for KOCF. They are separate entities, but both FairFamilyRadio.com and KOCF (also KOCF.org) are owned by Non-Profit Corporations. Both organizations are free to share or syndicate material with each other.
The Oregon Country Fair is a 501(c)(3). Why was it necessary to create Fair Family Radio as one also?
The most common organizational business model among large public benefit corporations is to have a “parent” nonprofit corporation similar to the Public Broadcasting Service, which is made up of member/licensee public TV stations and partnerships like PBS LearningMedia (PBS and WGBH Educational Foundation). When a similar business model was discussed for a proposed low power radio station with OCF organizational staff, the response was that the Oregon Country Fair had never considered such an arrangement and was reluctant to do so. The Board of Fair Family Radio is focused on creativity, education, and history. We strive to empower and showcase the creative talents of varied artisans and we felt the best way to achieve that goal was through a not-for-profit, public benefit organization.
So why create Fair Family Radio?
The vision of the founders of FFR was to empower the entertainers, crafters, orators, musicians and all categories of artisans participating in the Oregon Country Fair, a platform that would showcase their, opinions, talents and productive works beyond Oregon.
So why did KOCF create its own website?
The majority of media exchange currently, is through “apps” over listeners portable electronic devices, and the internet. While KOCF is able to broadcast over the radio which doesn’t need an internet connection and is tied to the Emergency Broadcast System, it was felt that community businesses and residents should be able to access KOCF over the internet where radio reception was not as robust. The General Manager of KOCF is Dean Middleton.
Why have two websites?
The focus of KOCF.org the URL of the KOCF-LP Radio station is primarily the Fern Ridge community and its association with Oregon Country Fair. The focus of FairFamilyRadio.com is to empower entertainers, crafters, orators, musicians and all categories of artisans, from the Oregon Country Fair and to give them world wide exposure. Our longterm history happens to be associated with the OCF.
Why doesn’t KOCF.org promote FairFamilyRadio.com and why doesn’t FFR promote KOCF.org on their internet website?
There are two questions here with several answers. As noted previously, KOCF is owned by the Oregon Country Fair which has never really promoted nor been involved jointly with another non-profit. Their focus is to build a working relationship/partnership between the OCF and Fern Ridge community. In the past, some community neighbors were hesitant about an LPFM radio station owned and operated by the Fair because it might only focus on the Oregon Country Fair and its membership. The current station manager has been able to dissuade these concerns by streaming local community and sports events and promote programs produced by local artists.
Fair Family Radio, as noted, has a focus based on artisans who perform and entertain at the Oregon Country Fair. We originally (for over a year) had a website devoted to promoting the Veneta LPFM radio station KOCF, which included a donation link specifically for their project. It is anticipated that we can again work closely in the future.
What is the difference between Broadcast and Webcast?
Broadcast refers to transmitting information, music or video, through radio or television. Traditionally this was done over the airwaves. Webcast refers to the transmitting of information, music or video over the internet. Cable companies now offer both services through “cablecast”.
The OCF already has a relationship with KLCC, will KOCF replace them?
Fair Family Radio feels that the relationship between KLCC broadcasting at main stage and the OCF will continue. Although KOCF may also stream content from the OCF event during the event, because KLCC has partnered with NPR (National Public Radio, Inc.) they now broadcast the syndicated programs from NPR according to their normal programming. In the past KLCC broadcast continually from main stage during the event.
Why is Fair Family Radio a Dot Com?
Because that is the default when someone hears a name or doesn’t quite remember…listeners/viewers try dot com first and then continue with other URLs…FFR has also registered dot net and dot org but the default is dot com.
Fair Family Radio used to stream music? Why did they stop?
We have changed to a podcasting model with which we hope to expand our content into a full library of offerings on demand.

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