Clem tells us about his photography and redwood furniture booth at the Oregon Country Fair, about the giant cookie-loving bear that sits on his bench, and the changes he’s seen over the many years at the Fair.


Clem Stockard Photography at OCF

Transcription by Jade Rainsong

 (Karen:) All right, here’s some beautiful photography work here. So tell me a little bit about the art I see in your booth.

(Clem:) Well, my wife and I do most of the work. We do all the work and we are showing both photographs and, uh, redwood furniture. We’ve been here 32 years and we missed the last two years just because we wanted to do some other things and not be tied up with this for those years. And so we’re back again. And so it’s been, seen, a lot of changes here.

(Karen:) Wow. Tell me a little bit about some of those changes you’ve seen over the years having been here so long.

(Clem:) Uh, well, let’s see. A lot more people, that are a lot more organized in a lot of ways. I mean, changes are gradual in most cases, but they do happen all the time. A lot of things stay the same too. I mean, a lot of the same crafters for years.  Oh, one thing I did notice was, um, out in registration is just how many young people there are. I mean looking at older people I’m, like, I was one of the older people there, and it’s a shock thing when I used to be in my twenties when I first started being here in my thirties. I did a couple of years at doing security years ago when, uh, hoedads was running that they were taking care of that.

(Karen:)  And so I see a lot of this beautiful photography here. It’s a, it looks like a lot of nature photography. You’ve got some owls, a lot of birds, and some landscapes.

(Clem:) And most of it is, is a landscaping and the birds. And so that’s, that’s a big part of it. And we’re doing more landscapes and not as many birds as we used to.

(Karen:) Gorgeous. Is there any Photoshop retouching there? Is that all pretty much straight photography?

(Clem:) Pretty much straight photography. Yeah. Very little Photoshopping on those. And they’re all wild birds. They’re not taking it in refuges or anything.

(Karen:) That’s great. There’s some beautiful closeups of some owls I know that can be hard to get them out in nature that close.

(Clem:) Well, my wife was working as a wildlife biologist. And so we were able to get the spotted owls, know where the nests were and watch for the young and stuff. And then we used to have spotted owls down near our place too. And so we could watch for them.

(Karen:) They’re great. And then this Redwood furniture, this is so soft and smooth. It looks like it lasts forever. It looks like it’s just so comfortable to sit in.

(Clem:) It’s very nice stuff. It’s all recycled wood that we’re showing. And so we’ve gotten it from a lot of different sources.  It’s, it’s fun to work with. It takes a lot of time. And so it’s, um, don’t make as much. It’s only show we do, I mean, we used to do a lot more shows and it’s so hard to do. I mean, it’s, it’s a lot of effort in this, not money in it. So this the only one we do, cause it’s such a fun one.

(Karen:) Just fits right into the landscape here with all the beautiful. How the booths are so natural. I love this bench here. You’ve got a beautiful swinging bench. It’s very comfortable, and there’s a big plush bear in a colorful vest, sitting on it, just showing people where, where’s the great place to sit down.

(Clem:) He’s been here for 30 years.

(Karen:) He looks awfully clean for 30 something years.

(Clem:) Until he shakes. And then it gets real dusty over everywhere. And so he has his own album and he sells, he has his cards, he sells and stuff, and so trades for cookies, whatever he can get away with.

(Karen:) So you’ve got a nice shady little booth here. It looks great. We’re so glad that you spoke with us. Thank you. Clem. Yeah. Have a great rest of your Fair.

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