Cindy explains all about the finer aspects of fantasy horns and talks about some of the hilarious characters that have bought them over the years. We won’t spoil it for you, but it makes for some funny stories.


 Cindy at Fantasy Horns

Transcription by Jade Rainsong

(Karen:) All right, we found the horns fantasy booth has a lot of horns all different colors that go right on your head. We’ve got glitter horns, we’ve got curly horns, we’ve got straight horns, gold horns, ram’s horns, oh my goodness multicolored ones all kinds of stuff to look at. There’s some really long ones…Red Devil ones with black tips.

(Scott:) Hi. Okay, what are these horns made out of?

(Cindy:) They’re all hand sculpted and hand made out of polymer clay.

(Scott:) Polymer clay. Okay, and they’re gluten-free.

(Cindy:) They are in fact gluten-free. They also contain 0 calories. They’re non-toxic, but I don’t recommend eating them anyway. People tell me often many of the things that we could do to make them easier to wear.  And I always explain to them that tying them on these poles. Nylon is the easiest way to do that and that once they’re yours, you can in fact put them on elastic or any of the hundred easier to wear ways. But I have to tie them on trees. String works for that.

(Scott:) Would these horns help me attract the ladies?

(Cindy:) Absolutely or the gentleman whichever you’re trying to attract. One thing for sure, horns will always change your social situation. There are many places I recommend wearing them. I think that if you’re forced to go into a big box grocery store on a Saturday, you should never do that without your horns. I believe that if you wear them to court, especially if you’re the judge, that is an excellent place to wear your horns. I have in fact sold horns to a judge was a night court judge and bought very big red horns. I’m glad I never had to appear in front of his bench. In New Orleans last year I sold them to a priest.

(Karen:) Wow

(Scott:) Awesome.

(Cindy:) Yeah. Those are my two most favorite horn sales. I sold them once to a lady who was a Mother Superior, but that was only a character she played she wasn’t actually a Mother Superior. The priest was actually a priest. But he’s a priest in New Orleans. It’s kind of like Country Fair –not like other places.

(Karen:) Yeah! Tell me your name.

(Cindy:) My name is Cindy. I am the person in charge of selling horns. Not the person who makes them. That’s a different more introverted job. I do some Renaissance festivals that are very fun. I do Mardi Gras in New Orleans, I do two different Mardi Gras events one in the very beginning one on Mardi Gras day and I do a show and the week before Mardi Gras day and this is my favorite show because everyone costumes here which is important to my business, but they don’t costume as you know, Elsa and her sister or they may sometimes incorporate bits of those costumes, but they come here as their authentic best self.

(Karen:) Right, most creative, most sparkly, fun…

(Cindy:) Their costumes reflect the things they like about themselves the best and that makes this my favorite show. Everybody needs horns.

(Karen:) Everybody needs horns.

(Cindy:) They’re good for all day everyday wear. I’m happy to tie them on for you If you like. Professional installation is always included.

(Karen:) Thank you so much Cindy.


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