Ritz Arts: Ken Hardenbrook

Ritz Arts member Ken Hardenbrook talks with us about the beautiful...

Refrigeration Crew- Larry at OCF

What is the reefer truck? Find out about how the food booths at Oregon...

DeSolution Reggae Band at OCF

Listen to the DeSolution reggae band performing at Monkey Palace at the...

BONUS: Wizard of Oz Stilt Walkers!

Wizard of Oz stilt Walkers at the front entrance of Oregon Country Fair! How many times can the stilt walker jump rope? Watch the monkey fly!

Broomcraft Booth with Thurman

Check out the custom handmade brooms at the Oregon Country Fair. Thurman...

Astral Chrysalis Designs at OCF

Hear about the leatherwork artistry of Astral Chrysalis Design....

The Dragon Parade at OCF

Peachi the Dragon at the Oregon Country Fair makes a wave of smiles as...

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