Moon Lodge- Community Village at OCF

Explore the women's Moon Lodge area in Community Village at the Oregon...

Juneteenth Event at Alton Baker Park, Eugene, 2020

BONUS Podcast Series- Juneteenth Listen in as we interview participants,...

Ruby Reminisces: 50 Years of OCF

Listen to a chat with Ruby, from the info booth, at the 50th Anniversary...

The Dragon Maker Booth at OCF

Listen to the enchanting sounds of the Agogo Bells at the Dragon Maker...

Ritz Arts: Ken Hardenbrook

Ritz Arts member Ken Hardenbrook talks with us about the beautiful...

Refrigeration Crew- Larry at OCF

What is the reefer truck? Find out about how the food booths at Oregon...

DeSolution Reggae Band at OCF

Listen to the DeSolution reggae band performing at Monkey Palace at the...

Vignettes: Short Videos with Fair Family

Micah, with BraxTone Guitars

Micah, with BraxTone Guitars

Braxton Nagle is an artist at Oregon Country Fair who has been working with wood & mixed media for over 20 years. These cigar box guitars are a very accessible instrument for aspiring musicians as well as the instrument on which many Blues Masters learned their...

Touch the Earth with Cathy Coulson-Keegan

Touch the Earth with Cathy Coulson-Keegan

Cathy Coulson-Keegan shares with us the advantages of the aging artist. 2017 marks her booth's 30th year at the Oregon Country Fair. In Eugene, she can be found at the Saturday Market. Her Etsy store can be found at

Jan Tritton – Midwifery Today

Jan Tritton – Midwifery Today

From lemonade to the sweetness of a new baby. Jan tells us what's new in her world. Straight from the Oregon Country Fair.

Gina and Marcy enlighten us

Gina and Marcy enlighten us

Looking for the bathroom? Gina and Marcy are part of the Info Booth crew and they describe the varied and important role this crew plays in the smooth running of the Oregon Country Fair. Much more than pointing visitors to the exits and restrooms.

Marcus Fire – Seattle Busker Extraordinnaire

Marcus Fire – Seattle Busker Extraordinnaire

Marcus Fire "Fya" is an active West Coast music producer, DJ, MC, multi-instrumentalist live looper, drummer, didgeridoo master, and beatboxer. Currently living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Listen to some great digeridoo sounds at the Oregon Country Fair! He...

David Mutchler’s Flamingos

David Mutchler’s Flamingos

Learn about David's flamingos on the path, and the bamboo incense burners that he makes at Oregon Country Fair.

Podcasts: Audio Interviews with Creatives & Community Members

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