True Band with Raven Muir at OCF

Listen in as the TRUE band and friends perform on the stage at Philly...

Nancy the Quilt Lady at OCF

Meet Nancy Murphy, who has been making quilts for 50 years. Learn about...

Talismana Designs: Eve Bennett-Jones at OCF

Eve at Talismana Designs talks to us about her design inspiration...

Giant Puppets with Toni at OCF

Toni talks with us about her background and how she got started making...

Arch Park- Firestarting at OCF

How do you make fire from traditional natural tools? Learn all the...

Paris Birdwell Glass Art

Paris Birdwell tells us about her beautiful glass art and what she loves...

Kat McMillan Open Heart Kirtan

Get to know Kavita "Kat" McMillan and her Open Heart Kirtan at the Spoken...

Vignettes: Short Videos with Fair Family

Cindy – Queen of Horns

Cindy – Queen of Horns

Don't be a super hero. Be your own best self! Lessons learned from Cindy, the Queen of Horns at Oregon Country Fair.

West African Cultural Arts Institute

West African Cultural Arts Institute

From the WACAI website: West African Cultural Arts Institute (WACAI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural arts organization co-founded by Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane that focuses on educational programs through the cultural arts of West Africa and...

Micah, with BraxTone Guitars

Micah, with BraxTone Guitars

Braxton Nagle is an artist at Oregon Country Fair who has been working with wood & mixed media for over 20 years. These cigar box guitars are a very accessible instrument for aspiring musicians as well as the instrument on which many Blues Masters learned their...

Touch the Earth with Cathy Coulson-Keegan

Touch the Earth with Cathy Coulson-Keegan

Cathy Coulson-Keegan shares with us the advantages of the aging artist. 2017 marks her booth's 30th year at the Oregon Country Fair. In Eugene, she can be found at the Saturday Market. Her Etsy store can be found at

Podcasts: Audio Interviews with Creatives & Community Members

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