BRING Recycling at Energy Park

Learn about BRING Recycling at their Oregon Country Fair booth, including...

In Stoves at Energy Park

Hear Adam Clayton describe how their sustainable stoves help...

Parenting at OCF

What’s it like being a parent at Oregon Country Fair? Michelle explains her way of looking at it and why she keeps bringing the kids along each year. It’s just part of a beautiful life….

Plant Display: Cheshire Mayerson

Hear about edible, medicinal and poisonous plants displayed...

Jello Art Show in Eugene 2018

Eugene, Oregon is home to a unique art form: Jello. This long-standing...

Fancy Shop of Important Things at OCF

Bridget talks to us about all the many styles of unique hats...

Bubble Artist Tom Noddy

Watch the bubble artist Tom Noddy at play, at Oregon Country Fair! Learn...

Vignettes: Short Videos with Fair Family

Grumpy Steve — not really

What do you do when you've nearly done it all as a volunteer at the Oregon Country Fair? You become a BUM, of course!

Roger’s Man-Powered Saw

Not only is this saw, designed by Roger, not in need of an electrical outlet but it makes cuts that high-end woodworkers envy! Great work, Roger! See him at the Oregon Country Fair.  

Robert Jacobs – on the FARTS

Robert Jacobs introduces us to the FARTS! Thank you FARTS and thank you to the Elders who got the Fair Area Rapid Transit System set up for the Fair Family at Oregon Country Fair.

Daphne Singingtree

Hear how Daphne got started in herbal medicine and developed her impressive collection of hand-made medicinal herbs…

Otis from Pre-Post

It's true, Otis! There's no place we'd rather be than at the Oregon Country Fair!

Thomas Sauve Fine Jewelry

Thomas has been making exquisite jewelry for 50 years. His design motifs center around ocean themes. See some examples at his booth at Oregon Country Fair.

Morgen and Bob

These five minutes of path-side banter and music brought to you by Morgen and Bob. A fabulous duo at the Oregon Country Fair. Thanks, guys!!

Podcasts: Audio Interviews with Creatives & Community Members

Inspire Tribe with Iana Matthews-Harris

The Inspire Tribe performs every year at the Spirit Tower at Oregon Country Fair, headed up by Iana Matthews-Harris. This eclectic and spontaneous group is made of new and returning artists each year, with music and poetry in the hip-hop slam style. Iana explains what...

Fair Family Radio Trailer

Journey with us on the rainbow of sound that is the Oregon Country Fair, with interviews and audio from around the Fair and around the world. We'll publish a new podcast every two weeks so you can stay connected to Fair magic, year-round!

All Videos: Coming Soon

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