Leather Man Dan at OCF

Dan tells us all about his handmade leather works at his booth at the...

Whiteaker Printmakers Studio in Eugene

Whit Print in Eugene is a thriving non profit printmaking studio where...

Jessica LaMotte: Newbie at OCF 2019

SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE: Jessica LaMotte, brand new to OCF, spends a day...

Moon Lodge- Community Village at OCF

Explore the women's Moon Lodge area in Community Village at the Oregon...

Juneteenth Event at Alton Baker Park, Eugene, 2020

BONUS Podcast Series- Juneteenth Listen in as we interview participants,...

Ruby Reminisces: 50 Years of OCF

Listen to a chat with Ruby, from the info booth, at the 50th Anniversary...

The Dragon Maker Booth at OCF

Listen to the enchanting sounds of the Agogo Bells at the Dragon Maker...

Vignettes: Short Videos with Fair Family

Diane wearing Jello art

Diane wearing Jello art

Diane is an artisan near Community Village at Oregon Country Fair, a volunteer, and she makes cool Jello art! See our podcast about the Jello Art Show in Eugene, of which she is the Queen!

Deborah on Banjo

Deborah on Banjo

Near Elder's Camp at Oregon Country Fair, in the cool shade sits Deborah with her banjo. Not only did we enjoy it, but a couple of mosquitoes buzzed by to listen too!

Dean Morrow

Dean Morrow

Dean Morrow, former board member at the Oregon Country Fair, and more! What does he do when he isn't listening to Fair Family Radio? Nice work!

Home Power Magazine

Home Power Magazine

Learn about solar panels at the Oregon Country Fair! Home Power Magazine website



What is Recycle-a-bull? Watch this video from the Oregon Country Fair and find out!

Podcasts: Audio Interviews with Creatives & Community Members

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