Corona the Hat Maker

Corona the hat maker tells us a funny story about how she got started...

Shady Lane Wanderings and Humble George at OCF

Wander along Shady Lane at Oregon Country Fair, and drop in on live music...

Organic Matters at Energy Park

Explore the Organic Matters booth in Energy Park at the Oregon Country...

A Wedding at OCF

The happy couple tells us about how they made the decision to tie the...

Energy Park Solar

Learn about the Oregon Energy Industries Association and the Solar...

Still Living Room at OCF

Get a glimpse into the Still Living Room at Oregon Country Fair and see...

Andy Lifschuts – Honoring Grandma Barbara

Honoring Barbara Lifschuts, a treasured member of the Fair Family, who...

Vignettes: Short Videos with Fair Family

Home Power Magazine

Home Power Magazine

Learn about solar panels at the Oregon Country Fair! Home Power Magazine website



What is Recycle-a-bull? Watch this video from the Oregon Country Fair and find out!

Frog at OCF

Frog at OCF

Listening to the Banjo Man and FairFamilyRadio, is Frog, creator of the world's funniest joke books in the history of the known world. We bought four autographed copies from him that night so we wouldn't miss out. You can find Frog near the University of Oregon's...

Podcasts: Audio Interviews with Creatives & Community Members

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