Honoring Barbara Lifschuts, a treasured member of the Fair Family, who passed away. Her grandson Andy shares memories and her fiber arts works in the booth, as well as selling his own jewelry. Andy remembers her fondly and her contributions to the fair for over 30 years. Julie from Bo Peep Hats shares the booth as well with her colorful creations. Booth 932.


Andy Lifschuts: Honoring Grandma Barbara

Transcription by Jade Rainsong

(Andy:) My grandmother passed away and she was in this booth for 38 years as a vendor.

(Karen:) Do tell us the story.

(Andy:) Some of her pot holders throughout the years that she’s sold here, all this work and then there’s pictures as well some of the some of the experiences here at Fairs.

(Karen:) What was her name?

(Andy:) Barbara Lifschuts.

(Karen:) Wow,

(Andy:) She was a treasured member of the Fair family for sure. She did weavings and pot holders and all sorts of different fiber arts… from taking her sheep that she sheared herself, dying the wall, spinning it here at Fair and then making wall hangs out of them. There’s one other wall hangings that one actually hangs that in front of our house…

 (Karen:) And you’re her grandson? What’s your name?

(Andy:) Andy. Andy Lifschuts.

(Karen:) Thank you for talking with us. So how many years did you say she was here at Fair?

(Andy:) 38.

(Karen:) Wow. Yeah, we’re coming up on 50 years of Fair next, so she was around almost all of it.

(Andy:) Almost the whole time.

(Karen:) So what do you what else do you do in this booth? Besides put her work up to is there other work too?

(Andy:) Yeah, so I make jewelry and my jewelry is now set up where grandma used to set up and the front there and my booth partner Julie Ann Stoy makes these extravagant hats.

(Karen:) Wow!

(Andy:) Bo Peep Millinery, you can find her Saturday market in Eugene as well.

(Karen:) I see her hats are very colorful with lots of feathers.

(Andy:) Grandma was all about color. So is Julie, so am I, thats kind of that’s definitely a part of our part of our DNA.

(Karen:) It’s really awesome that you honor your grandmother so much by keeping so much of her spirit alive and putting up all of her beautiful work, her quilt work here.

(Andy:) She was adored by many and it was only right. She passed on June 25th. So she was, you know, Fair, was what she would call it was her real time and everything else didn’t really you know, it was just kind of passing by and she’d get ready all year for Fair. You know, that was that was the best thing for her and she slept in the back on her cot for you know every night at Fair and like no problem with the noise just loved hearing everybody having a good time.

(Karen:) And you’ve got a whole string of pictures of her here and they’re all held up by little clothespins and there’s everything from her and her early years black and white to her with family and friends… a lot of laughing. She’s laughing and smiling in a lot of pictures.

(Andy:) That’s grandma. That’s Barbara Lifschuts. she was always laughing and smiling and had a good story to tell. Here, this is a picture.

(Karen:) Wow, what year was that?

(Andy:) This this is probably I’m going to say 83 or 84 something like that.

(Karen:) Wow, fantastic.

(Andy:) You see our booth neighbors are the same same ones there, Paul and Russell, but she had you know the whole spread at that point and there’s that’s one of her weavings so she spun, dyed and wove that wall hanging and then pot holders are up all over the booth. And we had a little memorial here yesterday and the turn out was phenomenal is just really someone that touched a lot of people’s hearts and… From babysitting their kids when they didn’t have childcare across the way to, you know, teach them about weaving or dyeing and it’s just a real, real open source of artistry and her she had a really great eye.

(Karen:) Yeah great to keep her contributions alive and fresh in our memories. Thank you so much Andy, appreciate you.


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