Organization: is owned by Our Community Free Radio, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. There is also a FaceBook® page and Twitter® feed.

The Website, aims to spread the culture that has grown out of the 1960s and 70s through exploring the personalities and organizations that align themselves with festivals like the Oregon Country Fair, farmer’s markets, traditional crafts, and folk music. We aim to create original content to be streamed via podcast and streaming over the Internet worldwide, as well as syndicate content (as requested) to broadcast stations nationwide.

Purpose: is an independent world-wide internet community that provides an informational and networking/social website which augments and facilitates the support, content, and distribution of informational materials, dialog, music, and various forms of entertainment.

By having an internet presence, provides added exposure for all interested parties with the vision and willingness to partner, in an expanded affiliation and venue for public exchange, presentation, and discussion of ideas about alternative community organizations, the use of economic resources, and appropriate technology.

The website, FaceBook® and Twitter® feed of FairFamilyRadio represents the social networking aspect of the Fair Family, year-round.