Let’s get this party started!

More than short video interviews, FairFamilyRadio is dedicated to serving the entertainers, food and craft booths, crews, and committees, of the Oregon Country Fair. We offer a place for people to get together and celebrate Fair magic year-round!

The best way to participate right now is to start a group or join a group. We are in our beta phase launch, so you won’t see a whole bunch of content yet, but YOU are one of the lucky ones who get to help us build! You are a pioneer! If you are ready for some dust and glitter, let’s get started together!

1. Join the site. You can join using your Facebook account, or by creating a unique login and password.

2. Start a new group, and/or join a group.

Features of a group:

  • Connector.


    This calendar is visible to the members of your group, but the home page also lists your current events in context with events coming up in other groups on the site.

  • Connector.

    Group Documents

    Do you have applications, order forms, newsletters, samples images, or other files your group members might want or need? Make them easily available in your group documents section!

  • Connector.


    The traditional forum, where discussions happen under a specific topic, hasn’t gone out of style. These are still very useful for interacting with your group members, providing help via live FAQ, and allowing your group’s members to interact in a public forum.

  • Connector.

    Email list

    Group moderators interact directly with you via email when there is an important announcement.

These types of group features are offered all over the internet, in various social media outlets and sites. However, FairFamilyRadio is the only dedicated place where Fair Family can come together, with the personalization not found anywhere else.